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CUhlCocktails Mobile Bartender

Private Event Bartender
& Cocktail Creator


A curated unique monthly ticketed cocktail experience.

Local beverage producers paired with accomplished local bartenders bringing you an original and delicious flavor excursion.

Happening at the Boundary Social Club 

Saturday January 21st 4pm-6pm


CUhlCocktails Cocktail Catering
Beverage Catering by CUhlCocktails
Meet ChrisTina 

She has over 17 years of experience in events and event management

Over 10 years specifically behind the bar

She has been mentored and properly trained in mixology and continues to study new techniques daily

Hire CUhlCocktails to create very well balanced and exquisite cocktails for your next event

Cocktail by CUhlCocktails
Beer and wine events



We serve the beverages. This package covers beer, wine, and other canned and bottled beverages

Event Bartender

Simple Cocktails & Mocktails


This package includes up to 3 cocktails. Two to four ingredients each along with up to 3 non-alcoholic beverages. 

Event Bartender

Premium Cocktails & Mocktails


Handcrafted custom cocktails with fresh, local syrups, juices, and garnishes. This package includes custom tasting prior to your event. These cocktails will be comparable to those you would find in a nice cocktail bar

Cocktail Consulting

Consulting & Cocktail courses


Want to learn how to "wow" your friends? I'll teach you how to build your own cocktails; what tools you may need along with techniques and information about how to properly balance a cocktail plus so much more. 

•***ALL LISTED PRICES ARE BASE PRICING. I will contact you once you have booked for a consultation and will build you a formal contract with itemized pricing on your specific needs.

•***Prices DO NOT include the cost of the alcohol. All alcohol will be billed separately.

•All events have a 5 hour time limit per state law. Exceptions can only be made in a private residence and any time beyond 5 hours will be billed hourly (rate will be determined per client's needs).

•We purchase vendor insurance specific to each event and venue.

•Events outside of the greater Portland area will be charged transportation fees.

•We will travel up to 100 miles outside of Portland. Anything further away will incur travel fees.


•We do not accept events over 100 guests. Exceptions can be made and extra bartenders can be hired, but prices will greatly increase.

•We are OLCC certified and practice responsible alcohol service.

•We have all the equipment necessary for your event other than glassware. We use responsibly produced disposable glassware. If you would like actual glass, I will source you rentals.

•Initial Consultations are free. Tastings will have added fees with exception of  our premium package. 

•Client will be expected to pay a deposit of half of the estimated cost of service in order to book the date expected. Dates will not be booked without deposit. All events will include a contract that must be signed upon booking.


•Final payment will be expected at conclusion of the event.

Contact me today
to schedule your next event

Use the contact form or email address below to let me know a few details about your event dates and needs and a time you have available for a 15-30 minute phone consultation to discuss the details of your event. You can also call us directly and leave these datails with our operator and we will get right back to you.

Whatever way you'd like to get a hold of us, we will get you booked  with us to create fun and impressive cocktails at your next event.

Portland & the Pacific Northwest  /  Tel. (503) 610-4174

Thanks for submitting!

Cocktail Catering
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